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The body, stronger.
The mind, sharper.
The air, cleaner.
The grass, greener.

The pretzels, crisper.
The beer, colder.
The weekday, shorter.
The weekend, longer.

The sun, brighter.
The sky, bluer.
Life is better when you ride bikes.
- Gary Fisher

18, 35 and 50 miles
Back in 2014: An 18-mile course on the Lake Wobegon Trail!

Each summer from more than 100 cities across Minnesota,
cyclists gather in St. Joseph to pedal quiet byways,
churn uphill and sail downhill, relish the verdant summer morning
and savor fresh treats along the way.

Become a part of the tradition.
Make this the year you ride Tour of Saints.

"A bicycle ride is a flight from sadness."
- James E. Starrs,The Noiseless Tenor

Registration for 2014 has not yet opened.
Please check back!

About the ride

Check-in runs from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
After checking in, you may begin riding any time between 6:30 and 8:30.  Our rest stops and finish are geared to this schedule, so please plan to start no later than 8:30 a.m.

Start at the College of Saint Benedict
(Coming far? Stay overnight at the Tour start!  See below)
The tour starts and ends at the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota.  The course traces 35 undulating miles of scenic byways, with a 50-mile option you can choose along the way.  Riders enjoy rest stops with food and drink spaced along the scenic course.

Sinful treats at the rest stops
Cold Spring, the first stop at 12 miles, is home to the popular Cold Spring Bakery.  Their crew offers fresh pastries, fruit, cool water and energy drinks.  The second stop at 27 miles is at Collegeville Orchards near Saint John's Abbey and University, set at the edge of woodlands and lakes.  Cyclists enjoy fresh fruit, drinks and sinfully good Cold Spring Bakery cookies.

Help along the way
If you and your bike need a lift during the tour, you'll be able to call the St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club (W0SV), and they'll send one of the Gilleland Chevrolet support trucks roving the course to pick you up. Bike shop mechanics offer help at the food and rest stops.

Stop to smell the flowers
Look for native wildflowers as you pass the Saint John's Arboretum -- oak savanna, wetland and a prairie that hosts 4,800 plants and flowers.  The staff manages 2,500 acres of land stewarded by the Benedictine monks of Saint John's Abbey.

Feeling strong?  Go for 50!
At 31 miles, riders choose the short course to the finish for a 35-mile day or follow the 50-mile course.  At Avon's city park next to the Lake Wobegon Trail, 50-mile cyclists are welcomed with fresh fruit, candy bars and cool drinks at the last rest stop.

Ah!  A fine finish!
Reunite with friends and family at the finish in cool comfort at the College of Saint Benedict, where you can slurp on watermelon and sip lemonade.  Showers are available (bring a towel).

Get the shirt to celebrate your Tour
The 2014 Tour of Saints shirt features our new signature design. Choose from short sleeve, long sleeve and youth sizes. Order shirts in advance and pick them up at the Tour. On Tour day, shirts sell as available.  Shirts are printed in advance based on projected demand and may sell out on Tour day. Collector shirts from past years sell as available at the Tour.

Sweatshirts, too!
Our Tour of Saints sweatshirts sell for $35 on Tour day as available (add $2 for 2XL sizes)
Tour of Saints sweats make great gifts!

Driving far?  Come on Saturday!
Avoid that pre-dawn car trip -- stay right at the Tour start!  Each year more riders discover this option to enjoy their Tour experience.  Learn more below.

Book a room or apartment at the Tour
You can be a guest of the College of Saint Benedict, and wake up at the Tour of Saints start on Sunday morning.  The college offers pleasant, private guest rooms for Tour of Saints participants.  Check in Saturday, explore the town and Lake Wobegon Trail (starting in St. Joseph) and pick a restaurant to enjoy a meal in town in the evening.  Breakfast service is not available on campus Sunday morning before the ride. You don't need to check out Sunday until after you finish Tour of Saints!

Guest room and apartment rates

Single rooms (for one)                             $47.25
Double occupancy (two beds)                 $60.13
Two-person apartment                           $155.69
Four-person apartment                           $155.69
    (Apartments include kitchens, bathrooms and showers. Each guest has a private bedroom.)

Questions?  Call CSB Events at (320) 363-5868 or CSB Summer Events Housing at (320) 363-6367. Be sure to mention that you're riding Tour of Saints.

To book a room or apartment online at CSB
click logo

By phone, call: CSB Summer Events Housing at (320) 363-6367
or CSB Events at (320) 363-5868

In town for the weekend?
From the Welcome Center in St. Joseph, explore the scenic Lake Wobegon Trail by bicycle on Saturday! Click here to learn more about the Lake Wobegon Trail.

Join Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN)
Join this 1,600-member strong organization of cyclists now to make Minnesota more bicycle friendly. As a special incentive to join, we'll let you pick your favorite Tour of Saints design from the $10 Collector Shirts sold at the Tour! Learn more about the work of the Bicycle Alliance at BikeMn.org.

Questions?  Contact Michael Doyle, Event Director
320-266-7579 or E-mail

Join Today button for BikeMN.org
Join the Bicycle Alliance of MN today
and add your voice for better biking!

Watch for 2014 colors!
(Blue T-shirt from 2013 pictured)
Choose short or long sleeve

Watch the Tour of Saints video

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All photos by Jerry Hass

Cold Spring Bakery treats at the first rest stop!

Revolution Cycle & Ski helps an Erik's rider.

Lake Wobegon Trailhead Park in Avon.

"When the spirits are low,
when the day appears dark,
when work becomes monotonous,
when hope hardly seems worth having,
just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin
down the road, without thought on anything
but the ride you are taking."
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1896